Siku (pl: Sikut) (Taniktun: ice) qiqumaruq imġuruq.

Siku (Ikiraalik)
Siku (qannich)


  • Aayuġaq : ice ridging, or crack across a shallow lagoon or bay
  • Agiuppak : a smooth wall of ice along the edge of landfast ice formed by other moving ice
  • Aisitaq : cracked ice made by force of moving ice
  • Alliviniq : ice that was under another piece of ice which resurfaces smooth and dirty
  • Aluksraq : young ice punched by seals forming a seal blowhole
  • Anaġlu : black ice
  • Arguqtaġniq : newly formed thin ice collecting on the downwind side of a polynya or lead
  • Ataiġvik : shore ice patch on coastline
  • Ataitchuaq : shore ice uct close to the coast
  • Atiġniq : new ice forming a smooth apron around pre-existing ice
  • Augaŋaruaq : ice thrust up at an angle (approximately 45 degrees)
  • Tuvaq : fast ice